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Symphony of the Week III

Robert Radecke (1839-1911) Symphony in F Major, Op.50 (1877) What little I have been able to glean about the life of the German/Silesian...

Symphony of the Week II

Karoly (Karl) Goldmark (1830 - 1915) Symphony no.1 ("Rustic Wedding") Op. 26 (1875) This week, something wonderful. Of all the...

Sincerity and Sin

I have work to do. As anyone following this blog - and, amazingly, there do still appear to be people following it - will realise, I have...

Pious Snub Sublime

On one occasion, over a quarter of a century ago, at a party of highly intelligent, liberal, literary young people - largely, like me,...

Gaul in Three (Very Long) Parts

I wonder how many other people fortified themselves against the baleful final afternoon of 2020 by listening to all three and a half...

Unwilling Grown-ups

Without wanting to sound too much like the egregious Prince Andrew, I can confidently say that I remember pretty clearly what I was doing...

Afterlife of Brian

I can remember in the early 1990s passing a giant poster in the London Undergroud made up of two contrasting panels depicting the...

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